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Venus Invictus Comes Out Swinging With “Let’s Not Lose Our Heads…” Single With Video

Charlotte band Venus Invictus made a major announcement last night, October 8, at 11:11pm EDT touting a new single with music video. The video theme is dark and mysterious, and the song chaotic and powerful.

Along with the single came the long-awaited announcement of the members, who have been keeping quiet for quite some time:
Guitar: Josh Wright (of tattermask)
Vocals: Amanda Tattermask (of tattermask and Obraskai)
Bass/Vocals: Harlynn Spectra (of tattermask and Meliora)
Drums: Jim Saj (of NIHM and American Murder)
Cello: “Tim”
The only one who remains mysterious is this “Tim” fellow on the cello. Only time will tell who–or what–he is.

The band performs across the Carolinas this month and next, with more concert dates to come thereafter.
Oct. 22 – Fayetteville, NC : The Twizted Kitty
Nov. 05 – Spartanburg, SC : Ground Zero
Nov. 20 – Charlotte, NC : The Milestone

View the music video here or at venusinvictus.com.

Purchase the track at Venus Invictus’s bandcamp page:

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