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Should You Really Quit Your Day Job and Do What You Love?

I think you should. However, there are some caveats to that bold assertion:
1.) You have to be good at what you love (or at least have some natural aptitude onto which you can build skills OR an unquenchable thirst for learning and self-improvement).
2.) It has to be something other people will pay enough for that you can live the lifestyle you desire by selling that service.

That means I could go be a rock star full-time, but then I remember that I like food that isn’t ramen noodles or bad catering. I also like actual sleep in my own bed rather than a nightly cat-nap in the back seat of a moving vehicle. If you want to be a musician badly enough that you don’t mind cheap food and a moving bed, not knowing whether or not the next club will stiff you, go for it. Me? I’ll keep music as a hobby and do the other things I’ve learned to love.

I quit my steady, predictable day job to re-learn web design and build on my hobby-level knowledge of content marketing that I learned from marketing my band. The fields are both creative, in-demand, and ever-changing so I won’t get bored. Plus, my friends ask me for marketing, content, and social media advice all the time even as a hobbyist, so I obviously have some natural aptitude for it. It’s time to capitalize on that and become an expert!

I’m learning a lot about how analytics work in web advertisement and social media and what that means for a marketing strategy. I’m fascinated. There’s a lot more to learn, but so far, this is definitely something worth quitting a stagnant job to discover and make into a career.

Until next time,

— Amanda

photo: Altered Ego Images

Amanda helps bands achieve their goals using her inside knowledge of the DIY musician world and her educational background in digital design and arts administration. Her involvement in local music goes all the way back to the late ‘90s. She currently sings for Charlotte hard rock band Tattermask and choral group York County Choral Society, and she also plays bass for Columbia band Ashes to Airwaves (formerly Obraskai).

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About Amanda Caines

Hi, I’m Amanda! I help bands (and other rock-star-like brands) achieve their goals using my aptitude for social media & advertising and my inside knowledge of the DIY musician world. My passion for music extends to many different genres from classical to theatrical to rock and pop. My educational background in graphic arts, arts administration, and theatre arts enable me to share my and others’ musical passion with the world! In addition to my day job of promoting brands and music, I currently sing for a band!

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