Facebook Hacks Your Band Can Use Right Now : The Common Event

WHAT: If you make your band’s Facebook event from your band page (not your personal profile), you can have all of the involved bands AND the venue share a common event page and have that same event show up in each of your pages’ “Events” tabs.
WHY?: Using one common event page instead of one for each band, the promoter, and the venue gives you ONE set of information for the show so your attendees don’t get confused. Also, the attendance numbers from the common event page tend to be closer to accurate, AND the more buzz there is about the event (i.e. the more people talking about it and posting in it) the more people will see that event on Facebook.

1. Make your event from your band page (not your personal profile). Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 1.09.14 PM


2. Find someone from each band and the venue who is an admin of that band/venue page, and invite them to your band’s Facebook event that you made for your show together.
Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 1.11.42 PM




3. Once they accept, go back to the the event page click “Edit,”* and type in the other band(s)’ page admin(s) in the “Hosts” section:









 (Make sure to SAVE your changes!)

4. Then they can go to “Edit”* on the event page and type in their band/venue page name in the “Hosts” section to add it and it will show up in each page’s events tab and the bands/venue name will show up as “Hosted By” on the event page.

Tremont is awesome!  tattermask is awesome







*note: as of 7/8/15, this option is not available on mobile versions of Facebook

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