Down the Rabbit Hole of Web Marketing

I thought I was pretty web-savvy until I started on this journey of learning web marketing and analytics, but in the famous words of Socrates, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” I guess I’m growing wiser by the minute.

As I read these articles prescribed for me, the first thing that trips me up is all the acronyms: CPC, CPM, ROI? How does a human keep up with all of this stuff? Memorization is not my strong suit. The more I read, the more easily I can figure out from context what the acronym stands for, but I must admit to looking each one up multiple times before they started sticking in my brain.

After a little while, I got smart and made a spreadsheet of all these acronyms so I wouldn’t have to go back to prior articles repeatedly to remind myself what these letters meant. Cheating, I know, but it helped a ton! Work smarter, not harder, right?




The other phenomenon that has me off-page, seeking more information, is the flurry of embedded links in each article. I click to read an article that refers to another article, and that article refers to even more articles. Knowing as little as I apparently did coming into this, I want to click on each one for a fuller understanding of the topic at hand… it’s like the web analyst’s incarnation of that Inception movie…

…and so I go down the rabbit holes.

My rabbit runs have slowed down my completion of the required reading, but through real-time exploration of these links, I gain a better, holistic understanding of the topics I’m reading about as I go rather than rushing through them and risking that information not sticking.

As a result of all of this reading and learning, I have a lot of new social media profiles and analytics tools at my fingertips, so look me up wherever you are and let’s connect!

Until next time,

— Amanda

Amanda helps bands achieve their goals using her inside knowledge of the DIY musician world and her educational background in digital design and arts administration. Her involvement in local music goes all the way back to the late ‘90s. She currently sings for Charlotte hard rock band Tattermask and choral group York County Choral Society, and she also plays bass for Columbia band Ashes to Airwaves (formerly Obraskai).

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About Amanda Caines

Hi, I’m Amanda! I help bands (and other rock-star-like brands) achieve their goals using my aptitude for social media & advertising and my inside knowledge of the DIY musician world. My passion for music extends to many different genres from classical to theatrical to rock and pop. My educational background in graphic arts, arts administration, and theatre arts enable me to share my and others’ musical passion with the world! In addition to my day job of promoting brands and music, I currently sing for a band!

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