Copywriting Samples!

Lately I have been asked for some samples of my professional copywriting. It’s time I gave the people what they want! I mostly write keyword optimized copy for Amazon Listings, but I occasionally get to write jokes for prank products, too!

Amazon Listing for 12 count Bakery Boxes

Amazon Listing for 2-chamber Shot Cups

Amazon Listing for 12 piece Car Detailing Kit

Amazon Listing for Biodegradable Plates

Here’s a prank product example (package design is also my work):
Amazon Listing for Fake Mold Printed Sandwich Bags

(Each listing’s product photography was also done by me!)

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Hi, I’m Amanda! I help bands (and other rock-star-like brands) achieve their goals using my aptitude for social media & advertising and my inside knowledge of the DIY musician world. My passion for music extends to many different genres from classical to theatrical to rock and pop. My educational background in graphic arts, arts administration, and theatre arts enable me to share my and others’ musical passion with the world! In addition to my day job of promoting brands and music, I currently sing for a band!

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